Friends Are An Illusion

Sometimes we get the impression that friends on social media are actually our friends. In reality, we are as bored as the next person and mindlessly scrolling looking for things to entertain us. I may be entertaining at times, but my goal is to talk about the things I like to do, not be a mirror for what you believe.

Remember, it isn’t my job to entertain you. You can follow me if you wish but I will post the things I am most interested in. Those interests may range from money, photography, disagreeable politics, and travel during these rough times. You may agree or disagree and that is fine.

I accept constructive criticism but in the end, my choices are mine. I frequently “friend” people with whom I have differences of opinion. If it gets too annoying for me, I simply unfollow them. I prefer the Twitter model of following accounts that have content that I am currently interested in seeing. We can learn a lot from others and it is good to see various viewpoints.

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